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Why do i paint?

My first ever oil painting, 2011

I was asked this question recently. I have to admit I have never truly spent any time thinking about it.

Why do I paint?

My earliest painting related memories come from visiting relatives during my childhood. My grandaunt was a painter. She had her paints out on her desk by the window. It intrigued me. I liked seeing it there.

I also loved going to my grandmother’s friend house. There were a lot of oil paintings hung in a salon style in their sitting room.

That is all.

Until around 20 years later.

I bought a box of oil paint in a car boot sale for £1. There were few Van Dyck tubes of Scarlet Vermilion, Rose Madder, Cobalt Blue light and Chrome Yellow light in that box.

I gave it a go.

That was a lucky selection, because it made me realize I can mix a lot of colours out of it. Way before I knew anything about oil colour mixing. I made my first oil painting.

I made over 100 more to date.

I love that it is a very basic and relatively cheap activity. You only need some paint, brush and a surface to paint on.

I like that whilst painting I can exercise mindfulness. I love being guided by colour, texture or brush motion.

I enjoy conversing with myself in this way, where sub consciousness comes to life.

Painting makes me want to be better, to progress, to find more creative, unique and original ways to express my ideas.

I take great pleasure in being able to respond to life in my way through painting.

I also feel empowered because I am able to express my vision.

This is my motivation behind painting.

Why do you paint?

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